Sabtu, 12 Juli 2014

The virtue of Charity in Ramadan Month

ALMS in the month of Ramadan has its own virtues. Basically, whenever alms do have many good qualities. But Ramadan is special because the Prophet Muhammad was increased generosity in this holy month.

Ramadan comes with a guarantee and bonus reward doubled from Allah SWT. Sunnah worship the same reward rewarded with obligatory worship, while the reward of worship shall be multiplied as much as 70-fold. Read: ucapan selamat idul fitri

Salman Al Farisi narrated from RA, the Prophet Muhammad gave sermons to us at the end of the month of Sha'ban and said:

"Those who do good (worship sunna) of the month (of Ramadan) reward such conduct shall worship than other months. And whoever fulfills the obligations in it, then the reward is like doing 70 months compared to other liabilities ". (Reported by Ibn Khuzaimah).

Knowing the rewards are doubled, should a Muslim compelled to increase the charity, including charity as exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad.

Abdullah bin Abbas said, "The Prophet is the most generous man and nature exist in his most generous in Ramadan".

In addition to the bonus reward, there is a strong link between the charity and specific momentum of Ramadan. Prophet Muhammad in the hadith explains:

"Charity is the foremost alms during Ramadan". (Reported by At-Tirmidhi)

Besides replies reward doubled, there are several factors that affect the specialization of charity in the month of Ramadan, among them the synchronization of worship and other religious charity. Worship alms in line with that in fact there is another worship in Ramadan, such as feed for iftar (ifthar).

In connection with the charitable giving ifthar, the Prophet SAW said:

"Who would feed opening (ifthar) for the fasting person, his reward the fasting person, not reduced in the slightest". (Reported by Ahmad and An-Nasa'i)
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So great was the reward for the person replies that provide ifthar. This proves that the charity in Ramadan has more value than the other months. May Allah give us the understanding to be able to capture the messages and cues in command behind the immense virtue of worship in this month. Allaah knows bisshawab.

Sabtu, 31 Mei 2014

Facebook & Google's response about WhatsApp

Facebook & Google's response about WhatsApp

CALIFORNIA - In addition to Facebook , Google actually also interested in acquiring WhatsApp . Current , Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt interjected interest related to the application of the acquired company to USD16 billion worth of them.
" Allow me to not talk about this specific conversation with WhatsApp . Lets say that we liked and we also liked WhastApp several things including our own products , " he said . Schmidt explains when asked about the proposed $ 10 billion bid to WhatsApp , before Facebook acquired .
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As is known , WhatsApp has now become the property of Facebook, which was purchased for USD16 billion in cash and stock . Well as an additional $ 3 billion in the form of restricted stock to the founders and employees of the company.

Alluding to the acquisition value WhatsApp by Facebook , Schmidt said that the price is low if Facebook can figure out how to make money from hundreds of millions of active users WhatsApp .

" But the price is too high if they can not make money , " he said , as reported by Business Insider , Wednesday ( 02/26/2014 ) .


Selasa, 27 Mei 2014

Two boy abandoned in Ancol Meet The mother

Goddess ( 8 ) and Luna ( 3 ) , two poor boy abandoned two unknown men at Taman Impian Jaya Ancol , finally met their mother , Oktavia . The woman went to the police station Pademangan , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) night .

" The parents of both the boy came in last night after his grandfather in the field see his grandchildren on a television news program that immediately called his mother , " said Police Chief Commissioner Andrew Pademangan Sector Ananta when contacted , Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) .

Andrew explains , Oktavia not been able to bring home two children on Monday night because not carry documents proving both the child really his biological child .
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" Today's new parents bring a new family card so we can proceed with the two children , " he said .

Andrew also added that the police also had two boys had come to the house . However , said Andri , when visited , Oktavia not at home .

" It turns out the mother is looking for her two children to not go home, " said Andri .

Previously , the two children are abandoned by two men who took an excursion to Taman Impian Jaya Ancol .

Dewi said , on Saturday ( 24/05/2014 ) , he and his sister were eating in Bekasi Trade Centre ( BTC ) . After that , said Dewi , came two unidentified men took him and his sister to Ancol with the lure of money Rp 40,000 .


Sabtu, 24 Mei 2014

Francis Pope Visit Middle East

Pope Francis began his three-day visit to the Middle East on Saturday ( 24/05/2014 ) by visiting Jordan .

In addition to visiting Jordan , Francis Pope will also visit the West Bank and Israel .

The Pope's visit aims to strengthen relations with Orthodox Christians in the Middle East region and to provide encouragement to the Christian population began to decrease in the Middle East .

A rabbi and a priest Francis accompanied the Pope to emphasize the belief that Christians , Muslims and Jews can live together peacefully .

Francis Pope will also meet Syrian refugees in the conflict who have fled to Jordan .
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Pope 's trip comes just a few weeks after the last round of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks fail .

Israel has issued a restraining order against some right-wing Jewish activists this week over concerns the activists could disrupt the Pope's visit Francis .

Pope 's trip marks the 50th anniversary of the historic meeting in Jerusalem between Pope Paul VI and the head of the Orthodox Church , Patriarch Athenagoras .


Kamis, 22 Mei 2014

Wife Denies Deal with Regent Semarang Housing Permits Illegal

Mundjirin Narsasi star , Regent Semarag Mundkrin wife denied he was involved in one of the housing permits in Ambarawa , which was later known unlicensed .

Star said he did not know anything about the licensing issues . Because the problem is not the licensing authority but the authority of Board of Investment and Integrated Services ( BPMPT ) .

" What affairs ( about licensing ) with me . It was just making up things up . I do not know at Henry , " Star said , when contacted on Friday ( 05/23/2014 ) morning .
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Earlier reported, an activity that allegedly illegal housing development took place not far behind the State Attorney 's office ( Kejari ) Ambarawa .

Head BPMPT Semarang Regency , Soekendro , when met at an event in Kejari Ambarawa , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) afternoon convey , it has never felt issuing permits for housing developer named " Grace Inn Great Work " which is in the neighborhood Seneng , Village Ngampin , the District of Ambarawa .

"If the permit application file is already in, but we have not issued a permit establishment of housing there , " Kendro said .

Before the exit permit , said Kendro , there should not be any work on the premises . So the developers should stop work there . Meanwhile, for the enforcement of violations of licensing regulations under the authority of municipal police .

"It should not do the work first , before the license came out . If the enforcement of these laws ranahnya municipal police , " he said .

When reporters to monitor the field , a number of workers appear to flatten land . When confirmed , the housing manager who called himself Henry said already has a license . In fact he calls himself close to a number of officials , including the wife of the regent of Semarang Mundjirin name .

" I also have the same permissions to take care of Mr Blake PU District . He said, I 've been able to continue the work started . Additionally Bu Mundjirin ( Semarang Regent wife ) also had me tembusi , " said Henry .

Housing construction " Great Work Award Regency " Kejari behind the unlicensed Ambarawa as adding a row of buildings in the District of Semarang who ignore the rules .

Previously a natural attractions " Kampoeng Swamp " in border Rawapening received warnings from municipal police forces because no permit . Later , Kampoeng desperate Swamp still operates under the pretext of not getting written warning .


Rabu, 21 Mei 2014

Send U.S. Troops Hunt Schoolgirl Nigerian Kidnappers

U.S. President Barack Obama sent 80 members of the U.S. military to Chad to help find more than 250 students who were abducted last month Islamist militants in neighboring Nigeria .

In a letter Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) to the U.S. Congress , Obama said that American personnel would " support the operation of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft " in the northern Nigeria and in the " surrounding area .
" He said troops would stay in Chad to look for the girls until no longer needed .
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The students were kidnapped militants Boko Haram on April 14 from a boarding school in a remote area near the border with Cameroon , Niger and Chad .
Their whereabouts are still unknown .

The White House last week said it had mobilized a U.S. reconnaissance aircraft to the region , and said it had split the proceeds of commercial satellite images with the Nigerian government .

Some State Department officials and federal investigators also help search it .

The deployment was announced just hours after eyewitnesses said the suspected militants killed nearly 30 people in two villages near Chibok , the location of the student 's boarding school .


Senin, 19 Mei 2014

Mired trucks, access to the Port of Tanjung Priok Loss 7 Km

Traffic congestion along approximately 7 kilometers occurred at Tanjung Priok port access road . The congestion is the impact of the trucks that fall in front of PT Bogasari direction Priok .

Based on the observation , jams snaking along the main access to the Port of Tanjung Priok , Cakung Cilincing of Highways , Roads Jampea up , so did the reverse direction . In fact , Jalan Kramat Jaya is not a main access is also dense with vehicles to avoid congestion on the main road .

One of the bikers, Zakaria ( 43 ) , which passes through Jalan Raya Cakung Cilincing towards Tanjung Priok , revealing that he is stuck in traffic for up to 3 hours . Typically, he said , the travel time from his home in Tambun , Bekasi , to the place his work in the area of ​​Tanjung Priok only took 1 hour .
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"I was passing worms ( Jalan Raya Cakung Cilincing ) really jammed , 3 hours alone , the forgiveness really easy, " said Zakaria to , Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) .

The same thing also expressed Neng ( 25 ) , the other motorist . According Neng , congestion was not as usual . He said , usually from his home in East Semper to the office in Kalibaru Cilincing never gets bogged down with the condition is maintained and governed by many police .

" Tumben really jammed up the road to the office of police guarded a lot , " he said .

Meanwhile , Head of the Traffic Unit Northern Territory AKBP Gatot Subroto Jakarta , said the congestion is due to the incident Bridge truck mired in Grantham , Lagoa , Koja , right in front of PT Bogasari , around 07.30 earlier .

" Yes congestion occurs because there is mired wheat truck , but we've managed to move from 10.00 . Decomposition Now living . Already we muster all the members , " he said .